Why Andrew Tate is not the genius male role-model you think he is

Aziz Abro
3 min readNov 28, 2022

I watched an #AndrewTate podcast today

I can see why some of these young men (especially young white conservative men, and western Muslims) like him so much. Its his proud confident attitude with which he embraces religious/conservative values in his words (though not in his outlook) that people relate to.

But he is very clearly an insecure, self conflicted and most importantly not so smart a man that people (and especially he himself) think that he is.

90% of his online content (podcasts, tiktoks, tweet videos/pictures etc) contain him wearing those black sunglasses, even though he’s indoors, and sometimes under low light, in most of them. Why? Because he is insecure about the way his eyes look. And yet he so confidently want to fix the insecurities of other young men.

His self-conflicting nature was very clear when the host asked him about the purpose of life. He thinks the purpose of life for adults (especially for men) is to struggle and suffer and learn from that to achieve your goals. He thinks that a pursuing happiness is a feminine trait that men should never engage in. But when the discussion later moves to faith, he says “no man can truly be happy without God, no matter how much money he has.” So, is the purpose of men the pursuit of their goals (money) without being happy, or is it being truly happy with God with or without money?

He also believes that rappers and musicians are “degenerates” and the lifestyle they promote (parties, drugs, sex and money) promotes degeneracy in the masses. But his own entire outlook: those sunglasses indoors, that large tattooed cleavage, him showing off his expensive gold watches, his twitter videos of him showing off smoking and drinking inside of his private plane (that too AFTER he embraced Islam), and him always talking about aggression/dominance/girls (or hoes) is exactly what those rappers always do.

But by far the funniest part to me was his concept of this illuminati like “matrix” of a shadow elite. This “matrix” apparently wants to kill him. Its some elaborate dark organization that controls the media and politics of the world and wants to control and silence him at all costs. He doesn’t look the type for nonsensical conspiracy theories, but he very much is.

His attitude towards women is also very problematic. He wants to control the lives of the women in his life (refers to them as “my female”), and very clearly says, “I can do whatever the fuck I want in my life,” but he won’t allow his wife/girlfriend to even go out on a girls-only trip because “other men will try to sleep with you.” This controlling attitude is one of the reasons why women hate men today.

But the most problematic part was that he thinks that he (and his followers) is the only one in the world with the ability to think critically. Anyone who doesn’t like him is, in his own words, STUPID. Other than the fact that no real knowledgeable/sensible person would say something like this, he actually is pretty stupid in some of his claims. And his followers very clearly lack the ability to critically think about him and his views.

And he later also praises the quality of Muslims to critically think about Islam. Pretty much sums up his sheer stupidity and self-contradictions I guess.



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